"I have dedicated my career to serving others.  As an Elkhart County Commissioner I will listen  to everyone in the community, and their concerns will guide my decisions.  For too long Elkhart County has been led by one party with a singular focus on the business sector of the community.  Businesses are extremely important to the continued progress of a community.  However, the quality of life for all residents should be the core concern of county leadership."
Transparency and Accessibility 

Local government should be transparent and accessible to all citizens.  Leaders should thoughtfully listen to their constituents.  Unfortunately that does not always happen.  When local leadership strives to meet these goals the result is greater accountability.  

County Infrastructure 

Maintaining safe roadways is a critical responsibility of county leadership.   One of my  goals is to review and improve the safety of our county roads.  

Quality of life for Elkhart County residents can be improved with improved parks and recreation areas.  Adding to county hiking and bike trails will provide more recreational fun and attract tourism.  

Commitment to Workers
Broadband Infrastructure 

A central plank of my campaign platform is to expand truly high speed internet service to the rural citizens of our county.  Access to high quality internet is important for not only businesses but families.  

During this time of COVID-19 the ability to connect to others for education, medical and mental health purposes is vital.  Unfortunately many areas of this county do not have cost effective access to the internet.  This fact is apparent in how our local school districts have approached the reopening of schools and the options provided for families.

Business innovation is strong in Elkhart County.  To continue that innovation we need a strong workforce.  I will be a voice for those on the factory floor, in the offices, and the boardrooms.  


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